Need programmers & 3d modelers for game

Me and a couple of friends of mine have designed a MMORPG, we decided to use the Panda3D engine because I already know some Python and I could teach my friends some too. Anyway, we need some more members for the team, we need:

  • (AT LEAST) 1 more programmer, you need some knowledge of Python

  • A 3D modeler, we don’t have one yet, so we need this one the most


Interesting! Tell me more…

What kind of MMORPG game?

What do you suppose people will answer with “MMORPG” as the only descriptor?

Where is the link to the project site containing documents, concept art and technical specifications?
All those things are needed to make even the smaller games high quality. Also, it would make your recruiting easier since people might get interrested while sifting through the material.

I, for one, would be very interrested if you told me this would be an AD&D implementation like NWN, only free software. I prefer the 3rd-person view over 1st, but a good game could easily allow both. What are your thoughts on that? 2D tilebased 3D-rendered world is easy to implement and use in persistent world setups than pure 3D worlds. What is your plan?

I am not very familiar with Panda3D, but I am quite the Python hacker. What you guys need, though, is a C++ programmer who can read and understand the Panda3D code since the documentation and these forums do NOT provide enough technical help to get through the snags.