need info

started to do blueprint for network layer.
but need more resources,
so maybe any one has some good ebooks, examples or other resources about networks?
(p.s. im using twisted)

What type of game you want to network? Why twisted?

lets say some sort of shooter. i have wrote two classes (twisted and phyton native) for network communication, i will chose the one that faster. actually i need some sort of game programming help:

  1. if i have 2 players, one of them is server, so on that machine should i use server separately and connect through client, o add client processing code to the server(pros/cons)
  2. what data should i send? now i actually sending few params that shows what actor animation to use and positioning.
  3. when should i send data. now i send only when it changes, but this happens very rapidly on movement.

for now just that :slight_smile:

Have you looked at panda’s own network code?

yes, even found some scrips on forum, so i think i will use them