Need ideas!

Hi everybody,

Just a short introduction of me: Well, I am a new programmer and I decided that Panda3D looked nice. I use python and I have almost NO idea what I am doing.

The reason to this post is: I need ideas.

I did the Hello World Panda thing and it explained a lot. I have meddled around with it and I know how to change distance that the panda moves and I get what each line of code does. I need some new ideas, to create with python, that are as easy if not easier (I am not sure if there is an easier level) that uses models and ‘animations’. Please include the beginning code that loads all the models. And no you do not need to add:

import direct.directase.directStart

I already get that part. Unless you need to change it. Please do not add it. And if you do add something else in replace of

 import direct.directbase.directStart

please tell me. Answer my second question if you can. Does

import direct.directbase.directStart

ever change?

Thanks and Best Regards,


welcome to panda3d :slight_smile:

if you read the hello world stuff you probably want to look at the samples which are included in your panda3d installation. the solar-example is a good one to start with.
if you need some tutorials to get started with python i recommend to look at this

about that directstart line. it usualy is the way it need to spend to much time thinking about it.

greetings and a nice caturday,

I will look at those. And where I am it is still Friday! Around 6 Central time.

Anyway, Thanks.

Best Regards,