Need Help


I have two objects and when they collide I need to put one inside other. Can anyone could help me?

thanks in advance
pjan :blush:

What, precisely, do you mean by “put one inside other” - could you please describe in more detail what you want to have happen?


I have to put trash in the garbage lol.
I have the trash and the garbage, and when they collide i need to put the trash inside the garbage but i don’t know how can i do it.
I know that i need to use a small area to put those objects (trash) inside of it. The problem is how can i define that area. I am new at panda3d, so i don’t understand much of it.

thanks in advance!

pjan :blush:

Hmm… You’re still being a little vague, I fear, but you do say that your current problem is defining an area for collision. In that case, take a look at this section of the manual; it should describe how Panda’s built-in collision system works, including how to set up colliders (which seem like a reasonable means of defining such a region) and how to detect and handle collisions. The four pages after the one to which I linked should give you a good start, I think.

Of course, your situation might be better served by a simpler approach, such as checking the distance between the two objects, but the above should at least work and perform reasonably well in a reasonable proportion of cases, I imagine.