Need help with .exe making

How did you install panda?

Yes, that is correct.

Please ignore the warning about the fmod plugin, it is normal and does not indicate an error in your installation or code.

I have created an empty application and I am getting this error too.

Although the asteroid app is build and working. :thinking:
I just now noticed that this is related for Mac. It turns out that Fmod cannot be used under Mac. What’s strange going on with Panda3D.

Try this. (1.1 KB)
In the bat file, change the python location address to yours, or use a variable.
If you run it, the log file will be in the root of the folder.

I forgot to say that you need to edit the log file save path as well.

I uninstalled all the Python and Pycharm files and downloaded the panda3D installer.
I built asteroids throught windows command line and it worked.
After that i installed pycharm and set it up to use the python from the panda3D install directory.
Everything works, just have to learn Python and Panda3D now.

Thank you@rdb and @serega-kkz for the help.