Need help with egg exporting .egg

I’am new to python so I’am messing around in the code for roaming ralph, I downloaded the .egg exporter for blender and made a terrain.But when I change the code where its says self.environ = loader.loadModel(“models/world”) to self.environ = loader.loadModel(“models/terrain”) and run its it opens for a sec then closes.I looked at my terrain file and it says file type egg and the other models say file type pz. I looked in the exporter and noticeds pzip so I selected it and reexported but it didn’t change anything it still says file type egg. Anyone know what to do?

this is a very common question.
first thing you want to do is. starting the sample from the commandline.
this will allow you to actually read the error message you get (the black window popping up for a split of a second).

in ralph’s case the terrain is a bit special. it contains an empty objects which is used to place ralph.

i suggest you search the forum for “roaming ralph terrain”. might help you.

the egg.pz is just an compressed egg. panda is not picky about what kinds of model files you load. .x file or so would work,too as long as it contains all nodes the code tries to use.