Need Help with Distributed Networking

Hello, I’m having trouble porting my game to be multiplayer using the Distributed Networking System. At the moment I’m trying to make a tower defense game with a server system similar to Minecraft’s where the players host their own servers. I’ve already created a single-player implementation of the game, which worked out flawlessly for me and so I’m dead-set on adding multiplayer functionality as a new project.

Please, before you read my questions, don’t reply with “use Astron” it’s not very well documented either and less people have used it, I already have my tools, but I don’t know how to utilize them.

Question 1: Does the client and the server both need copies of the same packages and classes?
Question 2: Do the DC files need to be exactly the same for the client and server?
Question 3: Does collision still work if the server creates the environments and objects?
Question 4: How does the Distributed Networking System work? How is it suppose to work?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get answers to those questions over on the IRC Channel, nobody I’ve talked to have knowledge of the system.

Thanks for your help in advance!