need help from someone with maya - converting to egg file

Hello -

I have a couple of models that someone made for me in maya & I need them to be converted into .egg files.

I tried the apps in the Panda3D\bin folder, but it looks like you have to export the egg from maya.

Anyway, if anyone could do this for me, or if you know how to do it without maya, please let me know.


I think you can use the maya2egg converter that comes with panda. Please read this page in the manual:

hi - thanks for the response -

every time i try the maya2egg converter that comes with Panda, it tells me
“Cannot locate Maya 8.0 (registry key missing)”

Doesn’t change when I change the Maya version number either. I’m pretty sure the model is either 8.0 or 8.5…

Unfortunately, you need to have Maya installed in order to use maya2egg successfully. This program links at runtime with the Maya DLL’s, which we cannot provide for licensing reasons.