Need help from someone who uses blender.

Can someone who uses Blender to make eggs explain the whole process of how to make animated models?

For simplicity, lets say I’m making a cube that rotates. I would do:

  1. create armature using space bar menu
  2. click on cube and add armature modifier with Armature as OB.
  3. click on armature and go into pose mode
  4. make sure envelope cloud is large enough and insert a LocRot key
  5. Rotate armature, move frame to 20, and add another LocRot
  6. go to object mode and click on armature and cube. go to file>export>chicken.
  7. choose path, name animation, set animation frames and export.

I get two egg files like I should, but when I try to load them using normal actor code and loop the animation, it just shows the model in flat white. pview lists no animation even upon exporting.

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

I’m getting kind of tired of posting this, considering it’s in Chicken’s manual… but here it goes. Chicken does not work with envelopes, it only takes vertex weights into account for animation.

And if the flat white thing is also a problem, it’s probably because materials in Panda only work when there’s a light on an object (try pressing ‘L’ in pview, or assigning a light to shine on your object in a script).

my thanks to you… I thought I had read the manual, but apparently not well enough. Sorry for wasting your time.