Need a real soltuion for maya 2008!!

Hey everyone, I’ve spent so much time on here and I haven’t found an actual solution for getting an egg file out of maya 2008. Now the reason is because I only have 2008 not 8.5 so I can’t try the other solutions that are out there. Plus the rig for the animation was created in 2008 and won’t open backwards into 8.5. So let’s get into it, this is what’s given to me when I try to egg my file:

Everything is installed properly, it’s not a PLE version of maya, the probem lies within the way Panda is trying to get this out, or something along those lines.

If anyone can give me a sound solution I will be horribly grateful!!

Contact me at if you can offer up any suggestions.

Once again, thank you so much!

Sounds to me like your system PATH variable is incorrect. If you run “maya2egg2008” on the command line, what do you get? And what about “pview”?

If those don’t work either, that would confirm that the PATH is indeed incorrect. It’s explained how to fix that somewhere on this page: … in_Windows

Thanks for you feedback!

Still have problems. When maya2egg2008 is typed into the command line within maya it’s not recognized because that is not a .mel file. When I type that using the run command window it processes something but the window closes so I cannot read what is being spit out at me, so that’s puzzling.

PView shows up without a single problem, but nothing in there sadly.

I have looked into the PATH issue on one of my previous days investigating the forums for an answer to this problem, but my panda path extensions were already created.

I apologize for still having issues; I’m not a programmer or coding genius at all, I’m on the creative end creating 3D objects for the panda3D users on my end and that is the problem we have run into and they can’t figure it out so I’m trying to tackle this and try to find some answer/solution.

Thanks again in advance for all your help!

Is panda’s bin dir in the PATH variable? Also, can you find maya2egg2008 in the bin dir? If so, it should be able to find it.
I actually meant you should try running pview and maya2egg2008 on the windows command prompt – you can run it with Start>Run, then type “cmd.exe”.