Need a basic Pandaphysics example?

Hey, does anyone happen to have handy, or wouldn’t mind putting together a simple physics demo with gravity and a floor? Maybe a building/box?

I’m just using the simple built-in physics library. :slight_smile:

Have you seen the “Ball-in-Maze” sample program? I believe it uses Panda’s built-in physics system.

Woo, complicated. I guess I’ll use the Ralph demo until I can find a day or so to go through that >_>;;

Has anybody posted an optimized roaming ralph? The manual says it’s a very inefficient method being used atm.

I just did a quick readthrough of the ball-in-maze tutorial, and I don’t think it uses the built-in panda physics at all, I don’t see anywhere where the physicsMgr was called.

Are there any examples that use panda’s own physics?

Reading more through the forums, it seems like someone had a problem with physics causing a lot of bouncing on uneven terrain. maybe I should be using ODE instead?

Edit: It seems this example seems to do what I want best, without using ODE or Panda’s built in physics. I still would like to see more examples for the physics system though. … 6269#46269