Ncurses-like console interface and simple python interpriter

Source - Gist on github! Feel free to fork and request pulls!

Integrates an ncurses-like interface using urwid into panda3d. It can be used to provide a command line server interface, or extra features to assist development.

It currently has three features:
[]A log viewer (Currently only supports panda’s logs)
]A simple python terminal using the eval() function. Useful for checking on the state of your variables. I hope to replace it with bpython.
[*]A simple custom command processor.

Install: You will need to install urwid to the same python path that panda3d uses. You will also need the panda3d sample files to run the example script. Grab the and place where needed.

To use: Only a few lines of code is needed to integrate this into a panda3d project. Check if name == ‘main’ at the end of the script for examples on how to do this. I hope to have more graceful integration after I solve the log bugs and bend bpython to my will.