Naval combat simulation with Panda 3D

Hello everybody,

I am new to Panda3D and to 3D in general but have deveopment skills - also in Python.

I want to create a (realistic) naval combat simulation and the first steps concerning the 3D visualization shall be:

Thanks for any hints/proposal how to start!

Welcome to Panda :wink:

You didn’t pick up the easiest as a start. I’m personnaly affraid of shaders and keeping it for upcoming months.

For your 3d concerns, Blender will be your best friend for rendering models (just google for tutorials) but don’t try make too realistic models for now. Just try to texture a couple of boxes and spheres. Then, export them using chicken to egg files and play with them in Panda to familiarize yourself with the engine.

That’s THE start!
And the perfect advice everybody will encourage you overhere is to read the first chapters of the manual until you realy got the trick. Once done, you’ll pick subjects according to your needs…
During your quest, searching the forum will also answer many of your questions…

Well, it’s all a program but we all started from there :wink:
Enjoy… and good luck for your game.