well personally I find that gun pretty good - can’t see how make it any better - thanks for share it Anon

First time ever propably that I see some advanced stuff in Panda interactively. In the browser I could not turn much because the mouse pointer would hit the screen borders after a while. Mac OS X.5.6, Firefox 3.6.

As a stand-alone app it worked better. Unfortunately one can not drag the window larger. And it’s weird that one has to quit the runtime twice, the runtime is still open after the windows closes.

If you want, create a scene with these assets: There is a pic included how I arranged them. Just make the water less blue … :slight_smile:

The SVN thing failed after a while:

svn: Failed to add directory 'naith-read-only/game/plugins/pointlight': object of the same name already exists

I’ve never tested it under mac os x, as I don’t have any macs - I can confirm that none of those issues show up under Linux or windows though. Strange about resizing the window, though if you hit f4 you can toggle full screen. (I presume that is p3d file only, but I haven’t actually tested it so no idea what happens if you hit that when running the browser version!)

As for svn, no idea - it works for me, but then I never actually use svn (Ancient and antiquated way of doing things imho - I stick to git, which can pretend to be a svn client.)

Anyway, I shall have a look at those assets:-) - can’t right now as am at work.

Alright, with the runtime Panda F4 works for fullscreen. Coming from fullscreen back to window mode the new window is also larger then before oO

The SVN error actually is:

A    naith-read-only/game/plugins/PointLight
svn: Failed to add directory 'naith-read-only/game/plugins/pointlight': object of the same name already exists

And indeed the folder on hard disc is PointLight, while the path is pointlight. Is that it?

Thats the problem with those packages, how is one supposed to look at the source now?

Mouselook mode doesn’t work well in a browser on OSX, that’s one of the issues still outstanding. (It does work fine in standalone, as you observed.)

The OSX runtime app doesn’t quit itself when you close the last window. This follows the general OSX convention: most apps don’t quit themselves when you close the last window. Although now that you mention it, I’m not sure that command-Q does the right behavior when you apply it to a window; it might only close the window instead of quitting the app.


I had to change a bunch of directory names to lower case when packaging for some reason I still don’t understand - I noticed that the, now deleted/renamed directories, are still in svn, so something must of gone wrong there. Doesn’t affect me under Linux where pathnames are case sensitive of course, but for everyone else that is a problem. I’ll have a look, though not entirely sure what my options are for fixing this!

As for looking at the source inside the packages its all compiled to pyc files, so you’ve got to go look at the repository I’m afraid, though you can have a look inside the repository using the multify tool, which can decompress a p3d file.

Ok, directory thing is fixed - git, the client I use, is file based, and doesn’t care about directories, hence the problem. Fixed it by deleting the directories using a real subversion client. (Also checked in some stuff I had forgot at the same time.)

If im not mistaken, at the moments naith is a “generic” fps. I think having some kind of theme could make it more interesting.

If youre looking for a theme for the game - why not make a C&C:Renagade-style game in Warzone 2100 universe. (eg Warzone:Scavenger or so)
There you could have big outdoor- and indoor-areas and all the show-off-stuff.
Also there would be models and textures (low-detail for a fps at the moment) which could be reused. Sounds and music is also there.
I started making a basic loader for Warzone-models at

There are some modellers in the warzone-community which could maybe be interested.

btw. i got the ode-error again:

I think of it as more of a ‘demo piece’ myself, which is to say that it can have as many themes as it likes! Different themes for different levels as no coherence is really required - just cool stuff:-) Yes there was a plan for a Crysis-style sequence of levels, but we just don’t have the resources, so really just a list of demo levels will have to do.

The one restriction I do have to insist on is that content is ‘open’, i.e. under a creative commons style license and with original modelling files available in a free file format so people can go and look at and edit them - conditions that the Warzone stuff does not satisfy.

P.S. I know what typically causes that error - its objects escaping the level basically. I thought that had been dealt with, but I’m guessing not.

I thought GPL would be ok.

Nah, that’s not an option.

Probably, the issue is that I’m not sure if the GPL applies to the content, and what file format it is in. Plus its designed for a RTS - it would be totally inappropriate for a FPS and require lots of effort, which I don’t have the time for unfortunately. It would also be tricky to have different licenses for different content.

As they say on GPL applies to the content, too.

But as there are efforts to make high-detail models and textures propably there are modellers in the wz-community who would do some/most of the modelling.

I dont know if its allowed to combine bsd-code with gpl-assets or if you have to make the code gpl, too - so propably youre right that its mot doable this way if naith should stay bsd.

Nice! ^^

As regards the ode problem, i noticed it often occurs when using Ode trimeshes. Maybe there’s something wrong with the panda wrapper?
I think it should definetely be fixed :unamused:

The normalization error is almost always the result of collision with a triangle of zero area.
There are two cases where this is possible:

  • at least one of the sides is of zero length (check by finding length of each side)
  • the three points of the triangle form a straight line (check if any two sides length combined equal the length of the third side)
    Use a threshold value in your checks, for example if any side length is less than 0.001 consider it to be zero.
    It is best to find these before ever exporting them from the 3D app.

I tried the google link but couldn’t see any art/code assets - only the p3d files. Am I missing something? I’d live to see some of the code! … runk/media

In googlecodes, click “Source”, then click “Browse”, after that “trunk” and then “media”, for this project

That worked, thanks! Is there any way of quickly downloading the entire source so i can run it, or do I have to manually download each file and recreate the directory structure? (Please excuse the noobishness - never used Google code before)

Id like to know that too

Use an SVN client: