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I’ve been away from the panda3D community for a while and hasn’t been watching my webpage on for a while. I was receiving email from people asking me question or advice almost every 2 or 3 weeks but it stop a while ago. Today, I tried to show my page to a friend and saw that it’s not working. In fact, it seems that the complete is gone. My page was and it was hosting my game “Silence X” with all the design document and papers I’ve done for university.

I don’t know who was responsible for this, but do we have any backup of this? I would like to put back my website and give my game to the open source community (and continue to help pand3d user).

If nobody has a backup, I will try to find this on an old backup drive I have somewhere (or not!)

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I am sorry that I didn*t have time the past few years… My life is “a little bit” upside down for a while now. In addition my hosting provider can not be reached any more. So my hardware seems to be also lost. No contact by mail, phone or whatever. (good thing: They were also not asking for the fees for last year… sooo…)

But to the topic itself: I do still have a backup of the p3dp machine. Its residing on my local server but can not be brought back because, well, I don’t have a big network connection here with multiple IPv4 addresses.

I will fire up the VM on the weekend if you don’t mind. lets see if I can set up a way to let p3dp use one of the IPv6-addresses I got bundled… however, if your changes are from before june 2013, there is a good chance your files are still there. “rdb” pointed me to this thread here. I will keep you two - and all other p3dp users - posted… (here).

Please give me some time…

Regards, Bigfoot29

bigfoot - does that mean you are now looking for somewhere to host the old files?

Hi Bigfoot!

Sorry I didn’t follow this thread very carefully, me too I have a lot of changes in my life right now. Did you have the time to check on the VM? My latest changes are back in 2010 I think so if the backup are anywhere after that, I will be happy!

Let me know what you find.
Thank you !