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I was browsing through my RSS feeds when I came across with this article from Kill Screen. … ttles-fps/

I’m very interested in this kind of interaction systems but I’m also interested in knowing the tech behind it - so that i can better advise my students to learn this or that platform. Anybody knows if this is a Panda app?

(I made the assumption that because the students are from CM that they might be using it. Sorry if my assumption is wrong.)


Ah - yes, that tech demo was rather neat.

According to some comments on reddit, it looks like they use Unity: … hape_your/

I think I also saw some else mention that CM is now using Unity in their classes

Thank you very much for your answer, Michael.

In that case, I think i’ve been misleading my students :-\ I though that Panda development was being driven by CM and Disney. Is that still the case or is now exclusively community driven?

It’s currently driven more by Disney and the community than by CMU. CMU does still provide for the hosting of Panda3D services, though, such as this here web site.

Hello rdb,

Thank you. Btw, are there any stakeholders from an artistic / design field?

I’m championing Panda over Unity when a student asks me what she should use to setup an interactive/reactive installation. It would be a plus if I could show them some case studies in that area.

Thank you again.