MultiWindow testing with 3d/2d graphics from the tutorials

My latest stage running 2 of the tutorials in 1 program on 5 windows.
Im almost sorted with the events I want, just need to put a few other funcs in the windowHandler code and it should be complete. But no timescale as I dont get alot of time to code atm.

Pics about 140k!

In that last test, each window was running a seperate instance for each of the carousel and solar system.

After a quick update of my modded showbase (I left out the mouseWatcherNode for the base window - Oops!) I got the Collision demo running. So I decided to pump out different views to different windows of the only instance of the Labyrinth example.

The result can be seen here…

(Again its about 140k)

I’m a Panda newbie and have been digging through the tutorials. I found that when I rotate the labyrinth maze as the ball collides with a wall, the ball would sometimes pass through.

I moved the collision handler routine so that it is called right after the time check, “if dt > .2: return Task.cont”…that way the collision is resolved before the mouse is checked and before the ball is moved. This seems to fix the problem…do I run into other problems by changing this?