Multitexture with 3d studio max

I have tried to export an object from max that has multitextures blended applied to it. I used a composite material. The first material was applied on the whole object mesh, the other two were applied using an opacity map from vertex color. In max this works pretty well but when exporting in panda the object has no texture on it.
I have also tried with just a standard material with one texture applied in the same way, that is with an opacity map from vertex color so the object is visisible only in the area that the opacity map shows and this is true in max but when exporting to panda the map shows on the entire object.
Is there a way to have multitextures exported from max that works?


I don’t believe anyone has yet added multitexture support to the MaxEgg converter. Glancing over the code now, though, it looks like it’s close. Maybe it just needs someone to polish it up, someone who uses Max and needs multitexture support. We could use a volunteer. . . ? :slight_smile:


Anyone? :slight_smile: we need a volunteer :laughing:
Eventually I will look into it but I can’t promise anything, I’m not a very good coder :slight_smile: I will play around with it next month when I’ll have a bit of free time, if noone makes it happen until then.