Multisampling messes up pixel-perfect GUI

Thanks for all the info.
For me personally, I think the simplest solution is switching to either a procedurally generated or pre-made grid geometry instead of grid texture.

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That’s not unfair.

(I do hesitate to have it tell too much–an over-large manual can be intimidating, I feel. But in this case it does seem like it could be useful to add that “frameTexture” can be a tuple.)

It may be worth mentioning that I think that the documentation GitHub page likely accepts pull requests, if you’re so inclined.

In all fairness, note that I said that I was uncertain that “image” could be applied as a tuple.

It does say the following, I believe:

Texture applied directly to the generated frame

It doesn’t, however, mention there that it can be a tuple. And indeed the samples do seem to prefer the geom-based route. (Perhaps in the latter case because doing so makes it easier to control the shape of the geometry, as opposed to the rather numeric approach of using “frameSize”.)

Looking around, I do find at least one reference to the feature of passing in a tuple, on the page for “DirectButton”. There, in reference to the “text” keyword-parameter, it says:

To do this, you can pass a 4-tuple to the text parameter (or to many of the other parameters, such as relief or geom), where each element of the tuple is the parameter value for the corresponding state …

But that is perhaps a bit easy to miss, given how ubiquitous a feature it is.