multiply Mat4 with Vec4?

Doesn’t Panda support multiplication of Mat4 matrix object and Vec4 vector object? I seems to only be able to do matrix by matrix. So did I miss something, or do we need to do it by hand?

Look at the methods starting with xform in the Mat4 reference: … e.Mat4.php

Oops, missed that. xformPoint() seems perfect as I need to multiply Vec3 positions with matrices.

An unrelated question: what to do with the Vec3 if you do yoToZUpMat() to the matrix? I though just rearranging the floats like this would work
x,y,z --> x,-z,y.

That should work equally. yToZUpMat() (as far as I can remember) returns a matrix that you can use to multiply with a point to do that exact transformation.