Multiple UVs and morph targets


Do x2egg or dae2egg support multiple UV sets? And does x2egg supply a way to get morph target animation?

The x file format does not, to my knowledge, support either multiple UV sets, or morph animation; and therefore neither does x2egg.

dae2egg might, though. Have you tried it?


After looking in an egg file created from a .dae, it looks like dae2egg does not support multiple UV sets yet.

I don’t know if .x is actually SUPPOSED to support multiple UVs, but somehow Ultimate Unwrap3D does indeed export (and import) .x files with multiple UV sets.

As for the morph targets, I didn’t think that .x supported that, but I wasn’t sure.

dae2egg should support multiple UV sets - if there’s a model for which it doesn’t work, please send it to me.