Multiple Render Targets

I don’t know if this is possible but is it possible for panda to output two renders during a single pass. I know there are usually 2 COLOR registers on the GPU. Is it possible for a single shader to output 2 screen buffers?

I know you can do this with 2 passes, but that is obviously slower. Is this the only method or is there some form a smarter hack that go around this.

I think Josh may have put in some code recently to do this; you might want to check with him. But if he hasn’t done that, then sorry, Panda doesn’t support that right now.


Hey Bei,

Yeah, it’s possible with a feature called Fat Framebuffers, it’s described in the Fireflies tutorial (deffered shading).



PS: you sent me the shadowmapping example but the colors don’t make sense (shadows are brighter than objects). If you have some spare time, maybe you can help me figure it out?