Multiple Panda3D build variants

For Windows, it would be nice to eventually have multiple prebuilt variants apart from a regular one:

[]Python 3 build - that one should speak for itself[/][].ogg/.ogv only (no FFmpeg) build - it might be desirable to have something that can be distributed along with a game without the need for a download. However, in such a case, FFmpeg is a huge nuisance due to its LGPL licensing, and because you’ll need to pay a lot of money to MPEG LA, Thompson and others. Without such a variant, the windows build is nice for initial testing but not really a candidate for practical shipping[/]

In the short term, I would indeed like to start making experimental Python 3 builds.

What I think would be nice is that eventually we have a single build that contains two copies of the .pyd files, one for Python 2.7 and one for Python 3. We could make an option in the installer to select one or the other, or both. What are your thoughts on this approach?

In 1.9, ffmpeg is an optional and removable plug-in already, and the new installer used in 1.9 has a “Components” page that allows you to uncheck ffmpeg to prevent the module and dlls from being installed.
For distribution, pdeploy in 1.9 requires explicitly using “-r ffmpeg” in order to include it. It is excluded by default.
Are these measures satisfactory?

Sure, that sounds all pretty promising :slight_smile: thanks for the hard work rdb!