Multiple models

In my game, I load the tree model with:

tree = loader.loadModel("tree")

However if I want a second tree that is the same model, do I need to load the model again with a different name or is there some way I can make a copy of this one? ^^

Does loading the model have an big impact on the framerate? I am generating random terrain (with trees hopefully) so I wasn’t sure whether it was possible I could load them all at startup and just make copies :confused:

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Just load the model again, you don’t need to take care of it. Panda does everything for you.

You can also use copyTo

Using the loader is also fine, panda will load the model from memory not from the hdd if it was loaded before.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: So should I just load them at startup and then load them again whenever I need a new one? That sounds pretty easy, thanks.