Multiple Meshes/Objects (Blender)

How would I export a model composed of many different objects/meshes in Blender? When I use Chicken, single-object textures work perfectly, even with latticed shapes (or w/e you call 'em :smiley: ), but when I try to create a multi-object model, such as a ship, it does not show up on the Panda previewer. :angry: I created a snowman with different colors, items, etc, highlighted it and went to export it. There weren’t any errors, but it didn’t show up. :cry:

It should work just fine. You do need to select everything you want exported, regardless of any heirachy structure, but that is the only potential gotcha I can think of. What happens if you export individual parts of the snowman? Sure your not making some other mistake?


Thank you for the reply. I could export individual pieces of the snowman, but I don’t want to have to load the models all into Panda as different models. I want to be able to position one model, not one at a time. I tried selecting all of them and it worked, but the colors and textures don’t stay. I unwrapped them and did everything correctly that worked with single objects, but when I try to export objects at once that have different textures, they won’t appear in the display – it becomes a white shape. :frowning:

Well, that shouldn’t be the case. Don’t suppose you can post (Or email me directly) a demonstration file so I can have a look? I have most certainly exported what you describe myself in the past, so I know it should work!