Multiple levels of Transparency

I have a code that overlays 50 textures with different alpha maps for transparency. Each texture is successively replaced by another texture, so the result is a superposition of texture 1 + texture 2… and so on for 50 more textures. Looks like I am unable to get multiple levels of transparency working. Once the second texture is loaded, the non-transparent parts of the texture 1 are no longer visible. Am i doing something wrong? or do we have support for multiple levels of transparency in panda?

I’m not entirely sure what you are describing, but it sounds like you are stacking up a bunch of cards with a different texture applied to each card.

For correct transparency in this case, you’ll need to control the rendering order explicitly, especially if you are stacking polygons up with very little or zero space between them.


card[n].setBin('fixed', n)

where card[n] is the NodePath of the nth card.