Multiple egg files into one bam file?

Hi! So I currently am not in a position where I would be able to do this with Autodesk Maya and be able to throw all of my files into an .mb format for direct conversion to a .bam.

But would it be possible to convert multiple .egg files into a single .egg and then convert that into a .bam?

Would you copy + paste all of your .egg contents into a new .egg file and convert that? These objects are all not-animated and are essentially props.

For example, I have multiple groups inside one .egg file under the names of “boiled”, “fried”, and “scrambled”. Another .egg file has groups called “poached” and “sunny”.

Would I need to copy + paste just the named groups, or would I also need the vertex pool?

Sure, you can do that. You would need to copy and paste everything. You might want to put the contents of each .egg file into a .

You can also use syntax to pull in an external filename from an .egg file, which would be merged upon load, and be included if you do egg2bam.

You can also do this in Panda and write it straight to a .bam file, by loading the models, parenting them to a new node you create, and then calling writeBamFIle on that node.

So I took two of the three files I was adding together and… didn’t get what I needed.

It’s supposed to look something like this, but instead I got:


I copied the vertexes and polygons just fine. I’m not sure what went wrong when I did bam2egg.

I think Panda merges the geometry under a character. To prevent this, change the tag contents to “structured” in the .egg file.