Multiple cameras or one moving?

Hi pandas,
we have multiple views in our game, like third person, first person, back view etc. currently we move around, but i asked myself if it wouldn’t be better to have multiple cameras each for its own position. would multiple cameras slow down things? (they aren’t used to render anything yet. only one window so far).

for position calculation i could imagine some dummy nodes which you reparent the camera to, but the first idea with multiple cams sounds more like flexibility than this one.


Well, if you call setActive(False) on the cameras you are not using, I guess it wouldn’t affect performance to have multiple cameras. You should try it and see.

okay. gonna give it a try. thanks pro-rsoft

I don’t really see the need to make a new camera just for a different view angle. Use dummy nodepaths as place holders for your camera views and just reparent to the place holder nodepaths without touching the transforms of anywhere in the code.

That said, it probably wouldn’t hurt performance much if you do have multiple cameras with setActive() set to False like pro-rsoft said.