Multiple Animations: Blender -> Egg

Hello guys,

So far I’m doing ok exporting animations created in blender using yabee. But so far really unlucky when it comes to exporting 2 or more animations, all I get is the first animation “repeated” either in the actor egg file or 2 identical animation files :frowning:

Has anyone achieved this and maybe share how you doing it?

If you want to export several animations at once, you should use a separate files for the model and animations. So you should have something like model.egg, model-Anim0.egg, model-Anim1.egg etc after exporting.

If you want it all in one model then you can put all the animations into one big animation in Blender NLA Editor and then separate them in Yabee options. But if you want later add another animation you have to do it again. So I recommend you to separate animation files.