Multiple animation prob c++

in my game code, character data including models n animations r loaded in2 a map data structure when a new map i chosen 2 be played n will be destroyed when the player finishes playing the map (new game map = new character map so everything is loaded again).

when loading & binding animation:

auto_bind(_characters[charId]->model.node(),_characters[charId]->ModelAnimControl, PartGroup::HMF_ok_part_extra | PartGroup::HMF_ok_anim_extra | PartGroup::HMF_ok_wrong_root_name);

when playing animation:

for(map<int,Characters*>::iterator iter=_characters.begin(); iter != _characters.end(); iter++)
if (!_characters[iter->first]->Jump)
if (//moving on the ground)
{_characters[iter->first]->ModelAnimControl.loop(“Ralph”, false);}
if (//jumping)


i binded the run and jump animations of ralph to my movement keys using the same method used in the roaming ralph c++ code, but for some strange reason, the animation name seems 2 change after i reload the map a few times n i dun noe why. need some1 2 explain wat exactly went wrong. will be even more helpful 2 also explain how panda assigns animation names.

The animation names are stored in the egg files for the animation files themselves. They were put there by the modeling package that exported them. They shouldn’t be changing.


izzit possible tat its coz de animations happen 2 hav de same name? Coz the animation names i’m using 2 play the animations happen 2 be Ralph & Ralph.1. i hav tested tat if loading only 1 ralph animation, when i use which_anim_playing() while playing the animation, it will always return as Ralph.

looks like i hav mistaken about the way autobind works, n after some consultation, looks like its the calling of animations 2 be played tats screwing up my programme, anyway thx 4 de help