Multiple Actors and the use of threads

Hi there!

I’m doing a game that’ll need to have a lot of independent actors taking actions at the same time ( it’s a colony of ants).
We’re having trouble doing it, is there any way to use threads in panda3d?
is there another easy way to do this, if not with threads?
with panda tasks It’ll not work right, because the task may take some time… :unamused: :confused:



Threading support exists in Panda, but it is still largely experimental. It’s possible, if you want to live on the bleeding edge, to play with it, but for most people I wouldn’t recommend it at this point.

Are you really having problems where the computation of the Actors is the bottleneck in your frame? I have never seen that, even with many hundreds of Actors. In my experience, the rendering of the polygons has become the bottleneck long before the computation of the vertices has been.

Have you used pstats to see where your frame time is being spent?