So, I’m making a game with 2 other skilled programmers. It was originally going to be a solo platformer version of Disney’s Toontown Online, but we’ve decided to recode most of it and make it multiplayer. Many people recommended Twistd (twistedmatrix) and I’d like to know where there’s a good tutorial to make my game multiplayer using Twistd. If you don’t recommend using Twistd, please tell me a better way.

I moved away from using twisted a while ago. Twisted is fantastic for projects that need all sorts of different protocols but is (ironically?) heavier than needed.

For my current panda projects I am using standard python sockets with Cap’n Proto for writing the protocol. SP and MP both use the same system. The client sends commands to the server, server then tells the client what it is doing with the command. In the XBox version of Darwinia they literally sent the button presses over the wire. I recommend using client-server for the multiplayer model.

If I were to start a new project I would be experimenting with the 2.7 port of asyncio.