Multiplayer-focused arena third-person shooter (TPS) game

Making a new game level. I’m using Blender addon Sprytile for it:

Gameplay update:

Making a character customization system:

I was used a modified Bullet with modified Panda3D for a long time. I needed to make a little changes for game networking to work.
Now I decided to split my modifications from Bullet and organize everything into separate packages.
The PIP with it’s EGG and WHL was not an option because it’s limited to Python packages and does not includes .H header files.
So I stick with the Miniconda Python, Conda manager and Anaconda Cloud.
I made a Conda package for a Bullet: (package) (recipe)
Then made a package with my little plugin for the Bullet: (package) (recipe and code)
And made a package with a modified Panda3D: (package) (recipe)

I had combined everything I need into my Conda environment:
It’s so easy to use. With just one command I can install Panda3D with CMake and all packages that I need.
With the multiple Conda environments I was able to install multiple versions of Panda3D (with header files).

I also made a runtime package for my game for simplifying the deployment process: (package) (recipe)
This is just a compact portable redistributable version of Panda3D targeted the end users. So I just have to put the game files inside and it’s ready for deployment.

I just wanted to share those ideas and recipes, so they can be helpful for someone. Everyone can build their own packages using those recipes.
For the next step I’m going to experiment with the latest Panda3D and RenderPipeline to make a package for it.

UPDATE: Everything was combined under the name “KITSUNETSUKI SDK” and moved into

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Nice looking, practical and objective project, thanks for also sharing the ideas and recipes pertaining to simplifying the deployment process.

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Integrating RenderPipeline

Made a graphs for monitoring the game:

That’s very cool! Could you tell more about how it’s done? Did you make a custom PStats server implementation, or are you processing data that you extracted from the client?

Yes. This is a custom PStats server which pushes data into web server.

Looks like it is starting to shape up quite nicely!

What are your medium term plans however? Is there a chance you will open up development and release the source-code for others to contribute?

Thanks! What do you mean by medium term plans? My plan is to make a game. xD
I’m not sure about opening up development. Anyway I think it will not happen before the release of the game.

Game update:

  • Character customization
  • AI updated
  • Respawn system
  • Experimenting with PvE content

Added Quake-style chat:

Announcer added:

The Panda3D networking which I was used before lacks support of reliable UDP protocol.
So I did switched to ENet -
It’s easy to use and has a nice tutorial. It took only one day to switch the entire project networking to ENet.

Added a new weapon - daggers

New melee weapons trail/slash FX:

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That looks cool. Are you using pandas MotionTrail or is this something more clever?

Wow. Never heard about it. I’m using mesh-based trails, so it’s just GeomNode which updates vertices each frame.

Dropped 32-bit OS support because NVIDIA did the same and there is no latest drivers for 32-bit OS.

Added new move - slide: