Multipart actor rotation

Its me again, this time im trying to get multipart actors to work. Ive gotten them attached nicely:

But when i try to get it to rotate with this:

It rotates around the center of the model instead of where it gets repositioned to. Is there any way to make it rotate correctly rather than in giant circles?

im modifying roaming ralph

Tried adding an attach, but it says it cant find the parts.

another thing: Im trying to put strafing on the same actor, but instead of moving relative to the actor it goes along the x axis, and only cares about the actor in increments of 180 degrees.

It’s wayyy unnecessary to move or rotate an object this way. Instead, you can better set the player’s position relative to itself, like:
self.ralph.setPos(self.ralph, 0, -10, 0)

that fixed the strafe, but the added parts are still not rotating correctly.

Im guessing that i am just utterly incapable of assigning joints and similar things in the egg files, since i cant get collisions to register and the parts rotate around the center of the model.