Multify MF Question

Hi everyone, I hope you can answer my question. I’ve been working on this all day long, so far I have no answer.

I’m trying to figure out the multify tools, with no avail. I read all of the manuals and searched this forum many times.

So my question… is there any way to create a mf file with a relative directory without causing a mess inside the mf file? For example:

F:\Panda3D\bin\multify -f “C:/Users/Petrelli/Desktop/Tetris/” -u “C:/Users/Petrelli/Pictures/block tests/bar.jpg” DOES WORK. However, extracting it produces: “C:/Users/Petrelli/Desktop/Tetris/C/Users/Petrelli/Pictures/block tests/bar.jpg”

I can add the files to the same directory as the mf files I’m creating however, it would be much easier to use directories that are already defaulted to my tool sets.

I have tried many variations of that command above using all the flags multify described but to no avail! What I would love to know how to do:

F:\Panda3D\bin\multify -f “C:/Users/Petrelli/Desktop/Tetris/” -u “C:/Users/Petrelli/Pictures/block tests/bar.jpg” -? “Images/bar.jpg”

Any thoughts?

Thanks, Chad

The multify command-line tool isn’t designed for that kind of flexibility. In order to set up the internal structure of the multifile the way you want it, you must first create a folder structure on disk in the appropriate layout, then cd to the top of that folder structure and run multify from there.

If you really want to create a multifile structure without regard to the actual folder structure on disk, you can write a Python script to do this using Panda’s Multifile API.


Thanks for the info David,