multi thread questions

i am trying an approach of multithreading, like this:

def myThread(): global myThreadRunning; doHeavyCalculations(); myThreadRunning=0

def myOnlyTask(task):
    global myThreadRunning
    while myThreadRunning: time.sleep(0.005)
    myThreadRunning=1; thread.start_new_thread(myThread,()); return task.cont


my questions are:

  1. does this approach make Panda routines and “doHeavyCalculations” parallel? assuming my CPU has 4 cores.
  2. in “doHeavyCalculations”, can i call Panda functions such as collision.traverse, Vec3.angleRad , or create new Vec3 instance ?

PS: the threading-model from Panda doesn’t always work in my apps, so i try this.