Multi-Texture And 3D Texture

So I have this EGG file of a sphere and I have two images I want to use as textures. How do I use multi-texturing to make them both visible?

So how exactly do I use the loader.load3DTexture([color=green]“PicName_##.jpg”) method? I know that the # stand for numbers but do I load multiple numbers or is panda supposed to go through the folder that I have the images in and look for the numbers and fill in the #. The problem is that I keep getting a none type when I try to do this. Is there a special library I have to import to do this?

Also could someone tell me why certian file extensions are not take depending on the texture I am loading. For instance I load a normal 2-D texture texture.JPG Panda has no problem reading it. However, if I to load a 3-D texture if I load tex_#.JPG I get an error message saying that the file format is unrecognized. Or is this just a small bug?

If you mean how to do this in Python code, I think the manual explains this pretty well. See the page on multitexturing. If you mean how to load up an egg file that already has both textures applied, see the egg syntax document, also available in the manual.

This should look for an image file named PicName_00.jpg, as well as PicName_01.jpg, PicName_02.jpg, and so on, for as long as you have files with the matching names in the same directory.

Hmm, I’m able to load a texture named .JPG just as easily as one named .jpg, for 3-d as well as 2-d textures. But the uppercase extension is likely to confuse Panda, all the same. Does it work if you use the lowercase .jpg to name your textures?