Multi part actor from max

Hi. I found the description of how to make a multi part actor from maya, but im stuck with max. I wonder if you could give me some hints around the export process from max to acheve the same or is it at all possible?

Its the part where you run maya2egg that will not work for me as im using the egg exporter for max 7.



There is a discription in the Manual.


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Its beeing very unclear on howto do it. It exports the whole mesh and when exporting the animations I can select the bones/joints I want. But the multipart actors docs descripbes that maya2egg removes or hides the unwanted geometry. I cannot find that the max exporter does this for me at all. Any hints?

Max exporter does allow you to do this.

Two things though: An exporter will only export what is shown and in the scene.

So you can split the model into 2 files and export those seperatly.

You can also use the “hide” function in max to completely hide that part. This will cause the max exporter not to export it.

We decided to export the upper and lower body of the character into two separate egg files. Both the upper and lower body has a complete biped but only visible geometry for half the character.

The animations was created in a seperate file on the whole body.

In panda we had some issues. We wanted to connect the upper to the lower body, joining the joints at the pelvis. This wouldn’t work like the

The document states (“a.attach(‘torso’, ‘legs’, ‘hip_joint’)”). Rather it gave us an error that that hip_joint on the upper model did not exist. (could be the other way around. hip_joint on the lower) anyway.

When running the files through the steps for the maya2egg exporter descibed in the document, we ended up with the process renaming the joints of the biped. waz strange. or the process messed up the coordinate system.

The work around we used was to create two actors and expose the pelvis on both parts and reparent one to the other.

Well… It is the solution we used. I have doubt’s that this is the most efficient solution, as it caused further problems with playing the animations. Ie. There is a gap between the legs and the torso at some points in the animations.

If anyone has done this, please enlighten us


This makes me suspect that hip_joint had not been properly exposed on the lower model (it would have been the lower model, not the upper model; the third parameter is the node on the lower model to which the upper model is parented).

These sound like errors converting from Max to Maya.

If you still have any of these past attempts, and more details about what went wrong, I might be able to help shed some light on the exact nature of the problem.