Moving texture issues

I have designed a tunnel with textured walls and ceiling that I can move around in via a positon signal from a NI DAQ card. The textures consist of a random black and white block pattern (there is no grey phase between black and white elements in the texture).

The issue is that when I move down the tunnel, the blocks stretch and contract non-uniformly in the direction of movement. The texture is a projected tiff image, but all nodes associated with the texture (the polygon it sits on, and the projection node) are all stationary.

I guess this is a classical texture to on-screen pixel rounding issue - if I allow for a lot of blurring at the boundaries (by e.g. loading a very small tiff image) the effect is no longer visible.

I have tried to play around with the various simple texture filters documented in the manual to get rid of the non-uniform stretching/contracting, but I have been largely unsuccessful. If possible I would like to keep the sharp edges between white and black blocks.

I was wandering whether anybody would have any suggestions as to what may be worth trying to have the texture move uniformly, preserving the white/black boundaries.

Thank you for any help!!

Not sure exactly what effect you’re describing, but maybe your room geometry just needs more a few more vertices, to make a denser mesh, instead of only having vertices at the corners?


Hi David,
Yes it is a little hard to describe without a video…I have attached an image of the environment.
Looking at the image, when I move along the tunnel some of the ‘blocks’ contract or extend along the direction of motion (as opposed to moving uniformly). So I might move forward, and one of the blocks extends in the opposite direction.

This only happens for blocks far away, which made me think it is an issue with pixel resolution at the white/black boundary.

However, your suggestion sounds like it may improve the resolution - I will look into it and report back!

Thank you very much for the suggestion.

Hi David,
Great call! I increased the number of vertices on the textured polygons and the aforementioned artifact is all but gone.
Thank you very much for your help.
All the best,