Moving object "passes through" another object

Ok, the title is a little misleading.

I have 2 objects

Object A is stationary
Object B is moving

I have a program loop which updates B based on the dt.
When B hits A an event is generated and then B is dealt deal with in some way.

When position of B is calculated then dt might mean that the distance travelled is greater then the other collision sphere and thus appears to “pass-through” A.

So my question is, do I try to lerp the movement myself from previous position to new position? If so, will an event be created when setPos() is called?

Or can I create a motion path for object B and panda will lerp for me so the event is generated?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

I remember seeing a call named setFluidPos() in NodePath. It might do the check that you are looking for. I never tried it, so if you look into it let me know how it works.

I just added the following page to the Panda3D manual:


Thanks for that David.