Moving characters in the physics system

  1. How do you initialize the physics system and use it on objects? The manual talks about it but not in enough detail, I think.
  2. How would you move characters in the system? Applying a force to them would cause them to continually accelerate, which I don’t want.

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if you want to move characters you dont really want to use the physic system. it’s thought to simulate things like a ball rolling around and simmilar. for most jobs you can use the easier way and simply use something like character.setPos(character , [1,0,0]) in a task… which would move the player already.
about the physics system. as far as i remember its somehow connected to the particle system, think you need to start particle stuff first.

things like collision, dropping things onto the ground or simply moving around stuff works fine without physic system.

This game will be somewhat of an fps and (I assume that) I need to use the physics system to have realistic player physics. So is there any way to do this that’s not severely complicated? :stuck_out_tongue:

“player physics” … what exactly do you mean… cause player physics can mean quite a lot different things.
if you want physics for objects like boxes, items and such you might be better of using ODE or Newton. there are examples on the forum. just search for them.

if you mean rigidbody with “playerphysics” … like if you hit a player with a hammer that he will be thrown away in a somewhat realistic way… then i think this is too much for panda’s buildin system. in such a case you really need ODE or newton… dunno which of them has rigid body.

btw… physics is not as easy to use instant-food. but i think the ODE wrapper or what it was on the forum should provide what you need with an acceptable low ammount of effort to make it work.

in any case. it would be good to know what exactly you want to do with your players and how they should behave to be able to tell you precisely what you need.

Okay, I have ODE now and the bowl/egg demo, and I’ve been playing around with it. Is there any way to make the camera have a body?

just reparent the camera to an existing body

i think you can attach physics stuff directly to camera but i like to keep my camera a little more separate :slight_smile: