Moving actor with keys

How would I do this? I looked at Roaming Ralph and I still don’t understand how to make a character move with keys.

Also I keep getting this error
:Actor(warning): models/fighter is not a character

If you could help me with either one it would be a huge help.

I guess your model has no bones or something like that.

All the models I have are from the panda 3D art download. Also do you know anyway I can fix this?

yeah some of these models have no bones I think

It is just a warrning, ignore it or get model with bones.

Well if I ignore it it won’t show up on the screen and the only model that apparently has bones is the panda even though their are animations for other models. Is there a way I can get it to manually give it bones without having to learn Maya preferably

Man, then just load it like a static object. Use Actor only for models with animations.

Thanks dude I can now load it like a static object but I want to be able to move it with keys. Is there a way to do that even though its not an actor?

You really should read the manual about actors. Actors are animated models. That has nothing to do with movement by keyboard. Take a look at the asteroids sample. It uses only static models and you can still move around that small spaceship.