Movies on linux?

Hi, Ive just moved over to kubuntu edgy eft (6.10) as my OS and all my panda3d teething problems have disappeared except for movie playback. Is movie playback supported on linux (in panda3d) at all? The same code works on windows but displays nothing (and gives no error) on kubuntu.

Any Help would be appreciated!

usualy it should work. at least it works for me =)
do you have ( it think it’s->) ffmpeg installed?

yes ffmpeg is installed… it actually gives me this error when loading the movie (but the program continues running)

:gobj(error): Texture::read() - couldn’t read: /home/raeez/workspace/VirtuaLAB/movies/wow.avi
:gobj(error): Texture “/home/raeez/workspace/VirtuaLAB/movies/wow.avi” exists but cannot be read.
:gobj(error): Texture extension “avi” is unknown. Supported texture types:
SGI RGB .rgb, .rgba, .sgi
Alias .pix, .als
Targa .tga
Raw binary RGB .img
SoftImage .pic, .soft
Windows BMP .bmp
JPEG .jpg, .jpeg
PNG .png
TIFF .tiff, .tif

Maybe you could try this: … 7152258931

Ive installed it and it made no difference.

I then installed the newest panda engine (the dapper .deb file) and I see it uses a new lib to render videos. Now it seems like the video is being rendered (framerate has dropped significantly, and console output says its being played) but nothing actually plays on the plane i have put the texture onto!

any help would be appreciated…

Do you have texture coordinates, and a non-black color, on your plane? It would be a good sanity check to ensure you can successfully apply an ordinary texture to your plane.

You can also just attempt to pview your avi file, as a quick sanity check for whether the ffmpeg library that Panda uses can succesfully decode your movie.


thanks david, the pviewing the avi file proved that the panda engine IS successfully decoding the file normally since it works there.

And after applying an ordinary texture and getting the same result (a whitish colour) I believe the problem is as you said…