Movies fail to load in p3d files


I'm working on some code (very similar to the sample code Media-player), that works perfectly on my linux machine. However, when I package it as a p3d I find this weird message, as if the video file wasn't there:

I have to say that I used -n avi with packp3d and I’m pretty sure that my p3d file contains my video. Any ideas what this could be?


I have the same problem…

Have you solved it?




No, I had no luck and nobody gave me any hint. I have even tried to load the video file directly hosted from an http server. It did sure load the video (took some minutes to download) but never was able to play it.

I haven’t tried with the last web runtime, but my feeling is that something is broken in the web runtime. Similarly, a p3d cannot open a webcam neither under linux nor windows. I’m not sure, but both video and webcam things could be related since both may be using the same texture buffer functionality.

I’m still waiting for a solution. So, please post if you find it!

The only problem I can think of is the video is not in your p3d file. Could you post the command you used to generate your p3d file, please?

It says that the file is “not seekable”. In the context of a p3d file, this means that the file has been stored either compressed or encrypted, both of which mean the file is not seekable.

Make sure that when you add the .avi file to your p3d file, you add it without compression or encryption.