I am trying to understand this code found in the manual.
I don’t understand what I should put in the places pandaWalk and pandaWalkBack.

Could someone explain please?

If possible, could someone give me a simple code to have a model move from one point to another at the start of the game? I’ve been trying to follow examples using intervals, but I am not getting them to work. Thanks


If I understand well, you want to know what you could put in pandaWalk and pandaWalkBack. In fact, you could put whatever you want, but to follow this example (If I remember well, it’s the panda moving back and forth) you could put this:

pandaWalk= pandaActor.posInterval(5,Point3(0,-10,0), startPos=Point3(0,10,0)) 
pandaWalkBack= pandaActor.posInterval(5,Point3(0,10,0), startPos=Point3(0,-10,0))

I think it should work but I didn’t test it.


Thanks for replying.
I’ll try it and see if it works.