Movement Sync

I’ve conclude the movement issue I’m having may be a frame rate sync. The object I’m moving through code looks fine at really slow speed (barely moving), however, when setting the speed to a value for a normal speed movement like 25, the object appears to be getting ahead of itself and snapping back to the position it should be at.

if self.KeyMappinG[“up”] == “1”:
self.Obj.setY(self.Obj, -self.ObjSpeedR*globalClock.getDt());

That’s the “Forward” code and all other code is similar. I’ve even tried Intervs, but they don’t work well because they won’t stop when key is released.

OMFG!!! … :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

WTF? This whole time I’m pulling my hair out about the blurred movement and the issue was the fact “lookAt()” is no good. That is what caused the blurred effect on the character. :unamused:

This is by far the most confusing and hard to digest API Engine I’ve come across!

It’s going to take everything I’ve got in my 130 IQ Brain to advance in Panda3D. “Gawd”… Manual…API referecne…it’s all bad…but it’s all you have. :imp:

Case of the Blurred Character solved within 4 days. My entire work flow…ajourned… :cry:
“Killing me.”

I’ve figured out another way to use “lookAt().”

My new Method works and the motion of the entire screen is liquid smooth.


So officially, It took me just 6 lines of code to do the “Wondering Ralph” Ground movement. 8)

Its nice that you keep solving your own issues. However, less lines of code doesn’t mean that you are a better programmer or have a better program. Also, the manual does have its weaknesses but its really good and not that confusing. I have solved most of my own issues by looking at the really “confusing and hard to digest” manual and APIs.