Move camera along a predefined path

Good morning from the sunny island of Cyprus…
I have a camera issue that i know most of you have already dealt with: I would like to be able to move my camera along a predefined path inside my panda world, but have no clue on how to create such a predefined path and make the camera follow it, perhaps allowing the user to slightly divert from the path…Any help will be greatly appreciated…

If its in a straight line try a Lerp interval;
If its not straight try a motion path: … _Intervals

Thanx, i checked at the manual page and it says that Motion paths in Panda3D are splines created by a modeler that are then exported to egg files. I tried creating some splines in 3d studio but the exporter does not export them at all. Is there no way of exporting the path from 3d studio?

Can’t you just spawn a 1 second repeating doLater task to record camera’s position and orientation ?