mouse controls state machine

i have some states in my panda project
and i want that for every different state the mouse controls change.
for example:
in state Navigation the mouse wheel is ‘walk on’
in state Selection the mouse wheel is ‘select different object’
some ideas?
i’ve found the FSM in manual but it does not say anything about different mouse controlling

To Panda, mouse wheel is just an input device, no different from a keyboard. And FSM is just a class with methods. There’s no special treatment necessary when dealing with those things.

class myFSM(FSM):
    def enterNavigation(self):
        base.accept("wheel_up", self.walkOnMethod)
    def exitNavigation(self):
    def enterSelection(self):
        base.accept("wheel_up", self.selectDifferentObjectMethod)
    def exitSelection(self):