mouse control

I wanted to rotate an actor by moving the mouse to one side or another. I was able to do this by getting the mouse’s position on the screen like the manual suggest, but once the mouse reaches the edge, it won’t move (understandably).

The only thing I can think of is putting the mouse at the other side of the border it reaches, but I don’t know what the mouse set function is, if there is one. Is there one? and what is it?

If not is there some other way to give control of the actor’s rotation to the mouse without this limitation?,x,y)

where x and y are the corrdinates in pixels.
if you want to center the mouse you can use

same with y.

Thanks! That should work perfectly.

What’s the first parameter for out of curiosity?

If you have multiple mice, it specifies which mouse to operate on.

Does OS even support multiple mouses?

sure. at least some do.