Motion Trails sample application BUG ?!

Hi guys,

I was messing around with the motion-trails tutorial and I’ve noticed that if you add a background, the motion-trails effects are applied to the whole image, not just the actor.

This is obvious even if you don’t add a background, as you can observe the help text that is onscreen which also displays the trailing behaviour that is expected to happen to the actor alone.

Simply load the Motion Trails sample and switch to the double-view effect. you will see that the doubleview effect is applied to the text, not just the model.

I’ve messed around with the code but since I haven’t figured it out yet, any help with fixing that sample code would become a learning experience for me.

Yes a better name for the motion trails app would be blur sample. Because really the only thing it does is adds blur to the whole screen.

It’s not blur, as it fades in the result of last frame. I guess “cheap fake fullscreen motion blur” would be a better name.

I got that, but still, it’s possible to have “cheap fake non-fullscreen motion blur”, right?

I cant think of many cases when youll want to blur everything on the screen(Psyco Mantis anyone?)
Do you?

Actually, I can’t think of many cases where you don’t want fullscreen motion blur. Of course, objects that are not moving should not be blurred, but motion blur implies that they won’t be blurred anyways.

ok, forget about motion-blur, have a look at double-vision.
It "double-vision"s everything, including text… can that be restricted?